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Unreconciled No More

We live in the Idle No More age and Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals have stood up and unified together against generations of pollution, persecution and genocide. Blockades have been revived once again with recent threats to our environment and government has once again paved the way for industry to come in and pollute our already polluted air. Aboriginals are standing up against it and now the 'white-man' is once again proudly waving the racist flags. It has become background noise but racism is once again showing where it was once at least trying to be hidden.

With news reports on TV, newspapers, various websites and more recently, social media, all going completely ignored we propose that the only way to get over this hurdle is to impose our traditions on the 'whiteman' and gradual transformation into non-aboriginals reborn with purpose and responsibility.

We must acknowledge traditional lands and throw feasts in cities that sit on our traditional lands. Invite the non-aboriginals to witness our traditions that have survived for thousands of years; traditions that will survive for a thousand more years.

We, as Hereditary Chiefs, must invite the non-aboriginal to our feast hall within the cities that contain the deepest cultural disconnect. "Vancouver" and "Victoria" are rich with aboriginal presence but lack connection to the reserve and its feast hall.

Canada as a country colonized by the British Empire can benefit from the aboriginal imposing his traditions on the non-aboriginal.

Invite the non-aboriginal to receive traditional names; Give them a place in our feast hall and show them their grandfathers should have held our grandfathers hands and walked up the river in unity. European settlers had no chance of ever receiving a blanket or learning our culture - the Indian Act was drafted with the purpose of killing the "Indian" in the name of the British Empire and land was stolen instead of given. We need education of our traditional system instilled into the non-aboriginals mind now more than ever. It is our universal systems of aboriginal sustainability that will be key to undoing everything the industrial revolution has imposed on us and our health. Threats to our air-sheds from LNG development and threats to our rivers and lakes from crude Oil pipelines - now is the time to unite.

The only true way to educate non-aboriginals is for them to participate fully in our feasts and other traditions.

Simogit Gamlakyeltxw

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