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Who we are:

Raven Clan Outlaws is an alliance between all Raven Clan's of the unreconciled lands of Canada.

"Raven Clan Outlaws of the North Pacific Coast" was a collection of Raven and Frog Oral Histories by Marius Barbeau and William Beynon.


Our Simgigyet have been taught by elders in the 60s,70s, 80s and 90s. We are the bridge between western and traditional way of life, reminding everybody that we once had cabins and trails throughout the Lax Yip and our mission is to restore our trails. 

Colonization throughout the world in the form of treaties has impacted all Raven Clan creating overlaps and uncertainty. We keep our elders teachings alive in our government to government agreements. 

Protecting the Lax Yip against common trespassers. We continue to enforce our Ayookxw at our ancient villages and fishing sites. 

Acknowledging traditional land markers and boundaries (An'lait'iks) 

Collectively seeking to reconcile Aboriginal Law with Federal and Provincial Laws.

Protecting traditional lands against industrial development. 

Enforcing aboriginal law in Solidarity.

We are Outlaws on our own Lax'yip.

- We do not apply for permits to harvest resources on traditional lands, we issue permits.

- We do not recognize Provincial legislation on traditional lands, we modify it in the spirit of reconciliation.

- We do not recognize Federal legislation on traditional lands, we modify it in the spirit of reconciliation.

- We have governed our lands for centuries with environmental sustainability.

- Our Simgigyet use their relationship with government to bring predictability to the Lax Yip with government to government agreements. 

- Our Simgigyet use their Dax Gyet to occupy the 'Industry' seat at the table to ensure all major development is handled in accordance to our Ayookxw. 

- We enforce our Ayookxw. 

Simogit Gamlakyeltxw - Gitanyow Nation

Wilhelm Marsden

Fight Against Common Trespassers
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