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OUr warriors:

Taking back the land
Taking back the land

The Raven Clan Outlaw Warriors are the protectors of the LaxYip. 


Our Warriors:

Keep our traditional territories and all lakes and rivers safe.

Assist our Chief keep their blanket clean.


Hunt for our people and protect the wildlife against over harvest.

Provide security for our communities. 

Attend all feasts and cultural events. 

Sing our ancient songs and dance our traditional dances. 



CulturE Camps

Our Warriors are groomed to be future Chiefs and leaders of the Wilp. 


Re-occupying vacant village and fishing sites provides our Warriors with the first step of training at our culture camps. Elders lead the culture camp and provide all Wilp teachings. Warriors are required to assist the Wilp as traditional seasonal hunter and gatherers. 

Vacant fishing sites and trap lines provide our warriors with the traditional knowledge needed to survive on the Lax Yip. 



Traditional Family Farms

Traditional family farms once provided Wilp members with cultural teachings of environmental sustainability and respect for all fish and game. 

Warriors harvest naturally grown food for the nourishment of the Wilp under the leadership and guidance of our Elders. 



Seasonal Hunter & Gatherer
Vacant Fishing Sites

Fishing sites provide the Wilp with the summer supply of fish for social, economic and ceremonial purposes. 

Our Warriors occupy our fishing sites and protect them against trespassers. We assist our Chief in providing food needed for winter survival. 

The Wilp-'sa'hoon (smokehouse) offers our elders more opportunity to share traditional knowledge and offer the Wilp our winter supply of fresh and smoked fish. 



Seasonal Hunter and Gatherer
Hunting and Trapping

Our Warriors lead our Wilp members on hunting and trapping trips to provide food and security for the Wilp

Wilp traplines are monitored by our Warriors and guarded against trespassers. 



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